Small Business IT Support Orlando

IT Services for Small Companies in Orlando

Your Personal IT Team Ready To Resolve Your IT Challenges

Is your company in need of small business IT support Orlando? Do you need an IT partner that is flexible and experienced to support your small business? If your office has 5 or 5,000 employees, our team is ready to solve your IT challenges, so you stay focused on your business initiatives.

Business Services

Running a small business requires a lot of hard work, and often the owners, managers, and employees must wear multiple hats and take on responsibilities beyond their primary roles. 

Small Business IT Support Orlando

In some cases, this can be beneficial, however, in others, it can be detrimental. For example, if you own a small business and you do not have any technical experience, then it may be difficult for you to diagnose problems with your computer systems. However, hire a professional technician to help you solve these issues. They will likely be able to identify the problem much faster and provide you with a solution much quicker.

Whether there is an issue with the WiFi, your computer is running slower than normal, or you have another tech-related problem, skip the fruitless troubleshooting and instead turn towards the professionals at 7Nines®. We offer IT solutions to small businesses, and we want be your partner in keeping your business running. Whether there is an issue with the WiFi, your computers are running slower than normal, or you have any other tech-related problems, skip the fruitless troubleshooting and instead turn to the experts at 7nines ®. We offer IT Solutions to small businesses, and we would love to be your partner in keeping your business running.

Our Solutions

You might not realize it, but your small business probably relies heavily on technology, which means it’s vulnerable to a wide array of potential issues. While most of these issues are relatively simple to resolve, others can be more complicated. Regardless of the issue, we can help you troubleshoot and fix any problems you may encounter. Additionally, we can help you maximize your technology and take steps to ensure you stay protected in the future.


Managed IT Services

We’re an experienced Orlando, Florida-based managed service provider with tailored packages for small offices. We can provide your firm with a total IT solution at a fixed monthly cost.



Remote Computer Support

Since 1999, we have been helping small offices with unique technological requirements and challenges. From daily computer support to business continuity, protection, and security, count on 7Nines for 24-7 support for all of your business applications, on-premise IT environment, mobile devices, and cloud solutions.



Cloud Services – Private – Public – Hybrid

7Nines Technologies provides several options for private and hybrid cloud services. Whether you’re exploring backup, disaster recovery, or the outsourcing of your entire infrastructure, our Cloud solutions enable your staff to work from anywhere at any time.



“IT in a Box” - Ideal for Firms With Less Than 100 Employees

IT in a Box is ideal for small businesses that have a limited budget for technology and IT resources. This product offers a business; computer support, end-point security, enterprise email platform, firewall management, training portal, cloud administration, and VoIP support.



Network Support

7Nines provides a team of certified network experts to help maintain your network. From firewalls, routers, and Wi-Fi networks. We have the experience and deep bench to build from the ground up and to maintain legacy networks. We monitor and maintain your network so we minimize disruption to your network.



Remote Server Support

Small businesses depend on information technology to access critical information, automate their processes, and make sure data is backed up and secure. 7Nines Technologies can help you stay focused on business initiatives, and implement solutions that have the flexibility to grow with your IT requirements.



Managed Cloud Services

Our cloud experts can set up the perfect cloud solution for your business. Save yourself the expense and headache of expensive on-site infrastructure and maintaining an on-site IT department with our cloud services. If you are tired of upgrades and license fees for your business. We are partnered with Microsoft, Google and other cloud services to bring you the solution that is a fit for your business.



Managed Security

7Nines provides managed security services for many small offices. Security experts can be expensive. Our team of security experts can assist in building security plans, addressing breach response plans, security policies, disaster recovery plans, penetration testing, and various auditory compliance tests if required. We are here 24-7 to remediate any security breaches.



PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS

Set aside any fears you might have of the cloud. It’s time to take a leap of faith and swap your legacy solution with a scalable, secure, and reliable cloud solution that keeps pace with changing customer demands and growth spurts. We have experts in-house that can help you find the right solution for



Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Small businesses must run as efficiently as possible. Your office must be prepared to recover in the event of a disaster – natural or otherwise. In the wake of an increasing number of cyberattacks on small businesses, 7Nines can provide a robust, secure, redundant, stable backup solution, to assure your firm is consistently up and running. We have SLAs in place that guarantees your office is operating within hours.



VoIP Services

Many small businesses rely on 7Nines to deploy and maintain their VoIP phone system. With a new or upgraded VoIP system, you’ll have a clear advantage over the competition, as well as the versatility you need to achieve your goals. VoIP phone systems help you skip the hefty hardware, installation, and long-distance charges associated with standard phones. We’ll provide you with a flexible, cost-effective solution that can be scaled easily based on your needs and goals.



Malware and Spyware

7Nines' security team utilizes enterprise ransomware Endpoint Antivirus protection that goes far beyond malware to combat today’s threats effectively. Our security solution brings machine learning and behavioral analytics to your endpoint protection. Start protecting against malware, ransomware, and file-less attacks, and fill the gaps left by legacy antivirus solutions.



IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting approach enables us to provide expertise and leadership to our clients' IT environment. Our main goal is to provide maximum “business value” to our clients enabling them to grow their businesses, manage their risk/compliance, and increase their competitive position by delivering improved business results.



Installation and Setup (on-board & off-boarding)

If you lack the expertise to on and off-board an employee. Our team is available to come on-site and manage the entire process. The majority of the on and off-boarding process can be done remotely, but if systems need to be set up on-site, we will need to schedule an on-site tech.



Vendor Management

7Nines manages your vendors and acts as your resource for any and all of your technological needs. No more having to keep up with various vendors for your cloud services, phone systems, computer equipment, networking equipment, copiers, and other applications. If there is an issue, our team determines who to call. Our service allows our clients to stay focused on company objectives and goals.